Benfante: collection and recycling

All our resources to recover your waste

Benfante Group provides integrated solutions for collection, transport, selection, compacting and recovery of recyclable waste, ensuring effective management of materials in strict compliance with environmental legislation.

Only a careful separation of urban waste and special non-hazardous waste, resulting in material recovery, allows to transform waste into new resources leading to environmental and economic benefits.

The commitment of Benfante and other companies of the group as Benassi, Bergadano, Ecolfer, Usvardi and Valfreddana is to turn into value what is first considered a scrap. The end of waste of a waste is a concept towards which all modern countries tend, in order to be able to re-use more than once a material in a virtuous circle of recovery, reuse and sustainable growth that generates savings for companies, creates new jobs known as “Green jobs”.

Circular economy is a possible growth model in line with the sustainability and waste disposal objectives based on a regenerative industrial system: it involves moving from the concept of product end-to-end to rebuild, with benefits for companies and environment.

Having a thorough knowledge of local actors and local and international rules, the Benfante Group aims to meet global demand through the local supply of secondary raw materials. Waste and scraps become marketable on the international market, for the creation of new products.

Flexibility, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and transparency: with 40 years of experience, Benfante Group is the first structured Italian NETWORK with its own Platforms on the territory, able to guarantee, with a unique interlocutor, any kind of environmental service.

The North-West pole for the valorisation of urban differentiated collections and of special recoverable waste.

A state-of-the-art automated sorting plant to ensure maximum exploitation and the total recycling of separate waste collection and non-hazardous special waste.

Recycling Factory manages the demand for better quality materials from the recycling industry.

Network makes the difference

The Group is based on a system of companies providing environmental services for collection and recycle, fully respecting our nature and atmosphere.

40 years of experience, a specialized and dedicated staff and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure maximum recyclable amount of collected materials and traceability of each stage of the process: this is our strenght.

A network composed by waste management operators, a unique interlocutor for all management needs and for structuring custom plans: environmental analysis and consulting – design and implementation – check up and assistance – process verification.

Handled Materials

Our Operating Offices, located throughout Northern Italy, are able to guarantee any environmental service with quality, flexibility, efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and security, following the waste management process to enhance it and transform it into secondary raw material.

What was originally waste is now commercialized on the market, in order to create new products.

The study of custom solutions allows us to offer concrete improvements and simplify the management of all procedures for materials recycling and secondary raw material trading (MPS).

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