Corporate Policy


The growth of waste production represents one of the most urgent problems for the future of the planet, since the mid-90s to now the Italian one, for example, has almost doubled. Adopting good waste management practices that can reduce the use of landfills and incinerators or waste-to-energy plants is certainly one of the first steps to encourage solutions that have a less problematic environmental impact.

National legislation set at 70% the target to be achieved in 2020, regarding waste collection.

The goal of separate collection is to prevent the contamination of air, water and soil with substances and materials that can be harmful to the environment and to the health of humans, which can interfere with the natural functioning mechanisms of ecosystems or compromise the quality of life.

Benfante Group, with a view to protecting the environment, the nature and life on Earth, for giving a better future to the next generations, strives to provide optimized, punctual, serious services to its customers to solve the problem of waste management, through the use of tools and equipment compatible with the customer’s structural reality and the provision of a customized service.

The Group is based on a network of companies which can give collection and recycling services and that are always up-to-date, aiming to environment conservation.


Safeguard and protect the environment through the respect of environmental sustainability rules.
Creating value with strategic planning to encourage human resources and investment for business needs.
Inalienable respect for individuals and work.
Communication, Listening, Co-operation, and Sharing Objectives.