Industrial waste


Benfante and the other companies of the Group, offer personalized services INDUSTRIAL WASTE disposal on behalf of Companies and Industries, which have to deal with hazardous and non-hazardous special waste, and special urban waste (for example paper, glass, wood, plastics, steel, aluminum, etc.).

Waste must be provided in special containers (boxes, compactors, etc …) to be sent to the selection and recycling facilities, or to treatment and disposal sites.

The problems associated with the disposal of industrial waste, arising from the productive activity of companies and businesses, are also linked to the specificity of the law on waste, which regulates the ecological and environmental aspect of production.

The Group offers a customized service on the real needs of the individual buyer and economically competitive.

Benfante Group, operating on all its platforms located in the territory of North of Italy (Bergadano – Biella, Benassi – Cuneo and Turin, Ecolfer – Venice, Usvardi – Verona, Valfreddana – Lucca, Benfante – Genoa and Alessandria) offers a service for the treatment and disposal of industrial waste and the possibility of producing chemical analysis of the denials in order to develop correctly all the related operations accordingly to environmental legislation.

Professionalism, assistance and advice on all aspects of proper industrial waste management (SISTRI assistance and reduction of MUD compilation etc.) are the basis of our work.