It is said RECOVERY PLASTIC but we recycle POLYMER…
For this reason, it is necessary to develop a thorough study of all polymer families and, in many cases, analyze sample by sample.

The knowledge of plastic materials and related industrial applications makes Benfante the ideal partner to meet the customer’s needs, especially regarding compliance with regulations and standards imposed both nationally and internationally.

Benfante team is committed to personally visit any company or production site to ensure the most comprehensive collection of information on the sources of the material. The service is supplemented by a back office service capable of providing the best logistics solutions to ensure the timing of execution of orders in the shortest possible time.The control is complete until the delivery of the material, verifying successful and complete material recycling.

PP (Polypropilene): material available in bulk , packaged, or reprocessed in minced and/or granules.
HDPE (High Density Polyethylene): material available in bulk, packaged, or reprocessed in minced and/or granules.
LDPE (Light Density Polyethylene): material available in bulk, packed or in coils.

Scraps of PMMA, Rolls of BOPP, HDPE milk bottles, ABS from computer, PET bottles, PET flakes, Waste PVC, PET Preforms, PET film, Waste PET fibers, Wrecks TV, Computer in bales, Boxes packed in PP, Sheets HIPS in bales, HDPE pipes, PP big bags, Fishing nets polyamide, Blocks EPS, Scraps of glass fiber, Copper cables, Scrap Car Batteries, Scraps of aluminum.