Our activities include all services and procedures for collection, pick up and transport towards authorized sites for storage, selection and start-up for special non-hazardous and hazardous waste.

We optimize the collection service by placing and renting equipment and means to ensure the recovery and disposal of all types of scraps and waste, depending on logistics solutions, waste charachteristics and compliance with environmental legislation.


  1. Analysis ok the type of waste to be recycled to optimize waste collection and design the best solutions for every necessity by ensuring high quality separation
  2. Traceability of secondary raw material according to sectoral technical standards
  3. Positioning and rental of logistics solutions for the collection of waste, equipment and means for any type of environmental service, directly in customer areas
  4. Collection, transport and selection of materials to be recycled by state-of-the-art equipment
  5. Treatment of materials in modern and automated selection plants
  6. Innovative service philosophy that offers transparency and convenience combined with convenience, economy, safety and reliability to handle the quality demand of materials by the recycling industry